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Yep...This is My "Art" Gallery.


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Lumbering Link and Big Zelda Part 1
Link lumbered his way up the stairs to Ganondorf’s throne room, making loud thuds that echoed through the air as he did so. Midna accompanied him, a determined look on her face. There was a fierce wind this high up the Castle, but it wasn’t enough to make the obese warrior turn back. This was a battle he had been waiting to fight his whole journey; he was going to fight it, and that was that.
Yes, Link was obese, with a capital O. Weighing 350 lbs., he definitely couldn’t be called slim, and even saying he was overweight was an understatement. He had a massive, pale sphere of a stomach that was so jiggly that even walking up these stairs made it wobble like mad. It was big and round enough to obscure the blonde’s vision of his legs and feet, that was how far it protruded.
The rest of his body wasn’t faring much better in the thin department. His ass was bigger than it once was; that is to say, he actually had a notable ass at all, supported by much thicker
:iconforginghades:ForgingHades 28 4
Lumbering Link and Big Zelda Chapter 2
What ensued should’ve been a relatively simple game of electric tennis. Zeldorf would create a giant orb of electricity, sending it down to Link to try and zap the brave blonde. Then Link would have to try and use the Master Sword’s magic to knock the orb of energy back, electrocuting the Dark King instead. Simple, right? Just a matter of timing some sword swings, that was all.
So it was fairly embarrassing that Link was actually having a hard time trying to accomplish this relatively easy task. The possessed princess didn’t have any of the physical limitations that the blonde had, due to the fact that he was levitating. Even with flabby arms that lacked muscle mass, Zeldorf was still able to lift up his sword easily, and the balls of electric magic were very potent.
To illustrate this, the Dark King conjured one up and sent it right towards Link. The warrior braced himself and attempted to knock it back at just the right moment… when he was literally hit with a
:iconforginghades:ForgingHades 13 1
Lumbering Link and Big Zelda Chapter 4
Back in the makeshift arena, the first move was made. Ganondorf charged at Link, yelling with his arms outstretched. Even though he wasn’t fat, the Dark Lord still had plenty of muscle mass to compensate. As a result, he felt it was perfectly logical to move first and crush Link while he had the chance. Ganondorf also made the erroneous assumption that the blonde warrior had no prior experience with sumo, and was thus acting purely out of desperation.
Link, on the other hand, while intimidated by his foe, held fast regardless. He assumed a defensive stance, ready to intercept the Evil King and counter the charge. Hopefully, his girth would be able to overcome Ganondorf’s muscle, but he obviously wasn’t entirely sure.
The deciding moment came when the tyrant collided with the warrior, creating a powerful impact that would’ve blown lesser men off their feet, knocking tons of dust into the air and obscuring the fight from Zelda’s eyes. Once it settled, though
:iconforginghades:ForgingHades 9 4
Lumbering Link and Big Zelda Chapter 5
Several hours later, Link and Zelda found their plump frames in front of the Mirror of Twilight. They were there to see the curse-free Midna off to the Realm of Twilight. It was certainly strange, what with how long she had been with them, but it wasn’t too bad. The Mirror connected the Two Realms, so they could potentially see each other any time they wanted. But still, it was a moment that seemed strange and almost… forboding.
“Well, I guess this is good-bye, huh?” Midna asked. “Light and shadow can’t mix, as we all know. But… never forget that there’s another world bound to this one.”
Zelda put a hand on her stomach, rubbing it with thought. For some reason, that had become a habit as of late. The obese princess found that the extra softness that had been forced upon her by Ganondorf was actually pretty comfortable and nice to play with, she couldn’t lie. Right now, of course, she wouldn’t play, but it still felt comf
:iconforginghades:ForgingHades 19 8
BlaZiiiiiiiieeeEE by GrumpyBuneary BlaZiiiiiiiieeeEE :icongrumpybuneary:GrumpyBuneary 212 36 5 Months Late by TheCafeBaltic 5 Months Late :iconthecafebaltic:TheCafeBaltic 141 12
My Taste are Rather Bizarre, Yet Strangely Satisfying


This is pretty cute, I admire the visual style, and the idea is pretty sweet too, overall it's a decent pic, but there's always room fo...

Well, this is really beautiful! :love: What can I say? I'm a sucker for Midna Art, and this is just one of the many creative pics of her on ...! I Gotta Say, I'm Quite Surprised, Even though "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & "Five Nights at Freddy's" ar...

Okay...well um...yeah, to be honest I'm not sure what to say, I mean now I know it's made by someone else, i can still credit you for t...

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Sumo Master Fi
Based off an RP with :icon100tylersims:, this is Fi after she's been well stuffed and began pursuing a career as a professional Sumo Wrestler, and she's just finished and won her fight with a Goron.

Normally I steer clear of art with content like this, but I decided that one can make an acceptation! :)

Fi & Goron ©Nintendo
Here's the Link:
feel free to follow me. ;)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My Name's Jake, But You Can Call Me Jakered3, I'm Just Your Typical User Who's a Fairly Easy-Going Guy :)

This is Actually My Second DA Account, My Previous One, Which I Had For 4 Years got hacked, so this is my new and improved one.

I don't really consider myself an Artist, at least not a very good one, I may make one or two decent pieces every now and then, though overall I'm not in anyway impressive or skilled, that doesn't mean I don't try to get better though, hopefully someday I'll be satisfied with my work and able to create and upload more regularly, until then I'm just a humble adolescent individual who goes around the site trying to make friends.

I've Also have a very special Love Interest, My Darling Waifu For Life: Midna.

I Look Up To Her, She's Such an Awesome Character, and It's Because of Her That I Love The Zelda Games, I Also Met a Lot of Great People Because of Her! Midna is Such an Inspirational, Beautiful, and Perfect Character! I Worship Her With all My Heart :love:

Midna Is Such a Well-Designed Character, She's one of Miyamoto's FINESTS! She Has Great Character Development, Depth Perception, Variety, Relatbility, Is Beaming With Personality, and Is So Lovable! She's Also Really Adorable and Pretty Sexy Too...Sorry, But Everyone Has a Pervy Side :XD:

I'm Currently Working on a Cosplay, and Shrine of Midna, and I Hope Someday I'll Be Able To Showcase My Love of Midna To A Full Extent, and Make This Wonderful Angel Loved By All! I've Started To Write Midna FanFics, and Sooner or Later, My Own Songs and Poetry Dedicated To My Beautiful Twilight Princess! :heart: If You Love Midna, Feel Free To Let Me Know, I Love Talking About Her!
Current Residence: Canada
Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Comic Book Villain: The Joker
Favorite Video Game Character: Midna
Favourite Music Genre: Pop-Punk
Favourite Cartoon Character: Peridot & Lapis Lazuli
Favourite Food: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Favourite Hobby: Building With LEGO Bricks
Preferred Beverage: Coca-Cola
Personal Role Models: Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Shigeru Miyamoto, Jesus Christ


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